How to open new pizzeria with DBSCAN

In this project I have tried to show simple usage of some powerful API-s and DBSCAN algorithm in real life case. The solution can be used for small businesses as preliminary step of searching rental place for opening location based businesses.

Rehabilitating Parma Airport after COVID-19

Annual passenger traffic of PA was continuously falling since 2011 till 2020 worldwide air transport crisis because of pandemic alert. In my report I am starting with acquisition of demografic data from and using special techniques of airport service allocation to increase demand of PA.

Via Cristoforo Colombo – traffic signal setting design.

Analysis, LOS calculation and optimization of traffic signal setting design for Via Cristoforo Colombo (Rome, Italy). Special python libraries applied for enumerative optimization via excel sheets, also report has very good 3D plots for better understanding of convex optimization.